Noah's Organic Garden

Mitch’s youngest son was always a picky eater, but when the family moved to the farm, Noah soon discovered the wonder of picking fresh fruit and vegetables and eating them while soaking up the warm Florida sun.

We fashioned our label with the vision of Noah in mind. Since the first custom packages left the docks of our distribution center, Noah’s Organic Garden has become a popular label in both large supermarkets and smaller retail outlets.

We still provide small portions of organic vegetables and fruits, generally packed on compostable trays; however, Noah’s Organic Garden also offers custom labelling from top to bottom. Design your own company label, add a PLU or country of origin sticker or GS1 label. We can provide it all, tailored to your exact specifications. We also have Noah’s Organic labels for avocado bags, celery sleeves, broccoli, and more.

If you’ve spent time on a farm, you won’t be surprised to know that chickens were another favorite of Noah’s and were often his companions when he went exploring. We now offer 100% certified organic eggs from pastured chickens who spend their days taking dust baths, looking for bugs, and sunbathing in the sun-soaked Florida meadows.

We know you will enjoy the delicious organic fare packed in Noah’s name.

Organic News

Chilean Gala Apples Have Arrived!

Posted: Thursday, April 17, 2014

New crop gala apples from Chile have landed at Global's dock with a second container due to arrive early next week.

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GO Celebrate: Earth Day

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2014

It is much too easy to get caught up in the gloom and doom of our damaging impact on this Earth these days. There are numerous books, films, and radio shows out there to really put a downer on your day and make your well-intentioned actions seem so insignificant, no matter how great the effort. This year, why not focus on the positive?